How To Beginners Guides

  • Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Before you open the paint pot!

    Before you open the paint pot! It’s only fair to warn you before you begin reading this blog, that once you try upcycling furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ you will soon get the bug. 

    Apart from the fact that you start to see the potential to breathe new life into all sorts of areas of your home, you will also discover that it really is quite easy to achieve stunning results. 

  • How to Stencil - Steps to stencilling success

    The art of stencilling is certainly not new. Infact, it is thought the first stencils date back to around 105AD, with the Chinese the first to develop a paper-based stencil to advance their printing techniques. 

    Modern stencils are usually made out of a sheet of plastic or cardboard, and feature a cut out design so when ink or paint is applied to the sheet the pattern will be reproduced on the surface below. If cared for well, stencils can be used time and again.