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Feel the fade with Ombre effect

Ombre effect background with Little Gems logo

Over the past few years, the ombre effect has been big in the world of fashion, beauty and even cake decorating! 

This design effect, which sees one colour gently fade into another, can also bring added interest to your home décor. 

Whether you are looking to transform a piece of furniture such as an old dresser or wardrobe, or you want to bring wow factor with a feature wall, a fantastic ombre effect can be achieved with the help of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 

Admittedly it is one of the trickier techniques, and it does take a bit of practise to get a smooth transition from one colour to another. 

That said, if you take your time and follow our step-to-step guide, we’re sure you will be an ombre effect master in no time! 

Choose your colours 

The aim of ombre is to fade from one colour to another. As a beginner it is easier to choose one colour and work through the various shades, for example you may opt for blue moving from deep Oxford Navy through to much paler Louis Blue.  

Once you have honed your technique try more adventurous colour schemes – maybe taking inspiration from a summer sunset fading from English Yellow through Barcelona Orange to smouldering Emperor’s Silk. 

Which way to fade? 

Decide which way you want your colours to fade. Traditionally the darker colour would be at the bottom of the piece you are painting such as the legs of a chair or feet of a table. But rules are made to be broken! Take time to think about the effect you want to achieve before you dip your brush in the paint, and don’t feel bound by the rules. 

Let’s begin 

Start with your darker colour, painting your first section in all directions to get good coverage. The size of the section you paint will determine how quickly your colours fade into each other – a large section will result in a blockier look. 

Mix it up 

Mix a little of your second colour into your first to lighten it and continue painting. While it’s still wet, use a clean, dry, synthetic brush to feather the paint, blending one colour into the next. Use light strokes to ease one colour into the other.  

As Chalk Paint is water based it does dry quite quickly in the air, so a top tip is to use a mister (or the kind of water spray you may use on your pot plants) to slightly dampen the paint before you begin to feather. 

Do it again! 

Repeat this process, mixing as you go until you reach your lighter colour at the other side of your project. Make sure you use a clean brush each time you change to the newly mixed colour. 

Take a break 

With a paint technique like ombre it really pays to take a little time away from your piece before you declare it’s complete. Come back with fresh eyes and you will instantly see if you are happy with the fade you have created. If not, you can easily revisit your work and add further paint where needed. 

Wax lyrical 

Once your paint is completely dry seal your piece with clear Chalk Paint Wax.  


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