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Festive crafting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The festive season may still seem a while away. But if you like to make your own gifts and decorations, it pays to get organised and start crafting soon to avoid a last-minute rush. 

Looking for inspiration for this year’s makes? We have some great ideas to get you started. 

All of them use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which is brilliantly versatile. Our 120ml project pots are perfect for smaller projects like this, or it’s a great opportunity to use up any leftover paint you may have.  

If you are looking for a new colour theme for this year’s festivities, we are happy to help you pick from the 42 shades available or offer advice on how to mix your own bespoke colour. 


Dress the table 

For many, Christmas dinner is the most important meal of the year, so there is something really satisfying about going all out to make your dining table look fit for the occasion. Of course, if you are a keen upcycler you might want to paint the table itself! Or if you are looking for a smaller challenge you can use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to create a gorgeously co-ordinated look. Table linen can easily be dyed using Chalk Paint. Just dilute around a tablespoon of paint per litre of warm water, stir well, submerge the material and move it around so the colour is evenly distributed. Remove and allow to drip dry. You can then heat fix the colour with an iron. If you are feeling really creative you could add interest with stencilling.  

You can breathe new life into old Melamine table mats too. Try using a contrasting colour to add wow factor to your overall look. No preparation is needed – just brush the Chalk Paint straight on to the mats. Once dry, apply wax to seal the paint in case of spills. 

Tree-mendous projects 

If you are bored of your baubles or want to bring a more co-ordinated look to your tree, you can carry out a quick and easy transformation using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  

One of the real plus points of Annie Sloan’s range is that it will cover most surfaces with no primer or prep needed. Simply wipe the baubles to remove any dust or dirt and begin to paint!  If you can’t find the exact colour you are looking for among the Annie Sloan range, fear not! The paints can easily be mixed to create the perfect shade. 

According to Good Housekeeping adding your own personality and style to your decorations is bang on trend, with more and more people “crafting handmade heirloom decorations that we can bring out each year and pass down to future generations”. 


Doorway to Christmas 

Hanging a wreath on the front door is a sure sign the festive season has begun and there are lots of ways you can use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to create your own eye-catching offering. This wreath couples catkins and alder with an exciting mix of Giverny, Florence, Antibes Green and Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint used to a stunning effect. Or, check out this tutorial which offers a modern twist using painted baubles. 


Frame it 

Homemade presents mean so much. But if you are planning on making a lot of gifts to pays to keep it simple. An easy but effective starter project is painted photo frames. Begin by removing the glass from the frame and then paint in your chosen colour. Once dry add a touch of Christmas sparkle with the help of loose-leaf metal to add a gilding effect. This looks particularly good if the frame has moulding or beading. Simply apply the special glue – known as gilding size – to your dry paintwork on the areas you would like to shimmer. Allow it to go opaque and tacky then place a sheet of loose-leaf metal on top. Remove the sheet and brush over immediately with a stiff dry brush, to remove any metal which hasn’t stuck.  

At Little Gems Interiors we have a host of festive decorations and gift ideas in store alongside everything you need for your upcycling projects. Shop now