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Transform your home with Redesign with Prima

If, like many, you have discovered the joy of getting creative over this past truly unusual year, then at Little Gems Interiors we have a real treat in store for you! 


We are excited to now stock the Redesign with Prima range of easy-to-use products that can truly transform your home décor. 


From transfers and moulds to stamps and stencils – we know once you see what’s on offer you will be itching to get creative! 

Redesign with Prima - The range of products at Little Gems Interiors

Infact, the range promises that the only limit on what you can create is your imagination, so we are really looking forward to seeing what our customers come up with. 

Whether you want to add wow factor to your wallpaper or breathe new life into an old dresser or wooden bench, this range has a creative solution for you. 


Stunning transformations with Decor Transfers  


Quick, bold transformations can easily be achieved with the help of transfers, and the selection offered by Redesign with Prima is simply stunning. We particularly love the floral designs which would look so pretty when applied to an old dresser or armoire.

Rouge & Rose Decor Transfer from Redesign with Prima


Carefully position your chosen design and rub-on for beautiful results.  

Redesign with Prima - Rouge & Rose Decor Transfer side tables

Add texture with Decor Moulds  

The Redesign with Prima silicone Decor Moulds are a crafter’s dream! We can’t even begin to imagine how many different ways these could be used to add personality to your home. 

Baroque Swirls Decor Mould by Redesign with Prima


Butterflies, foliage and feathers are just some of the moulds we have in store at the moment and all can be used with a variety of mediums such as paper clay, modelling materials, clay, resin and even chocolate! 



Redesign with Prima - Decor Moulds

Just pour your chosen medium into the mould, allow it to set and release. It couldn’t be simpler.  

The castings can then be used in so many ways, such as adding texture to a dresser, to liven up a picture frame or even displayed as an artwork in their own right.


Stamping success 

If you have felt nervous using stamps in the past, particularly on wallpaper, the clever Redesign with Prima solution may be just the thing for you. Decor Stamps are made of clear acrylic allowing you to check that the position of the design lines up before you commit to printing.  

Redesign with Prima Clearly Aligned Decor Stamp - Linear FloralWith an exciting range of designs to choose from you will soon be reviving old furniture or livening up plain wallpaper with confidence.
  Redesign with Prima Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps - Imperial Crackle








Whether you are looking to transform fabric, furniture or wallpaper, we have a selection of beautiful floral Decor Stencil patterns in stock. 


Napkins, cushions, frames, furniture – the sky's the limit when it comes to what you can stencil! We would love to see what you create. 

Redesign with Prima - Decor Stencils - LaurelsRedesign with Prima - Decor Stencils - Floral NetRedesign with Prima - Decor Stencils - Dandelions


Getting started 

From waxes and pastes to papers and tools we have everything you need to make your Redesign with Prima project a success. Our team will be happy to offer help and advice before you set out on your first project.  


We are also planning to run workshops in the coming months, to help you get the most from these exciting products. More information will be available soon. Sign up to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out.