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Waxing lyrical about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax

Waxing lyrical 

When upcycling with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™, adding a final coat of wax or lacquer is an essential finishing touch. 


As well as adding a beautiful sheen to your project, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax also offers protection against water damage, marks and scratches, leaving your hard work looking perfect for longer. 


Sometimes we find our customers are a little nervous of the waxing stage, worrying that they will find it tricky or end up ruining their paintwork. 


But if you take your time and follow our simple hints, we are convinced you will soon be waxing like a pro! 


Wax or lacquer? 

In the main our preferred option is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax™ as it offers a beautiful tactile finish that feels buttery soft to the touch. However, if your project will live outside or in an area where water damage is possible, lacquer is the better option, plus it also offers UV protection which will  stop the colour fading in the sun. 


Top technique 

When applying wax all you really need is a brush and a cloth. Focus on a small area at a time and brush on the wax, then gently wipe off the excess with the cloth. You should be able to clearly see the area you have covered as it will look slightly darker than the unwaxed surface. 

It’s always best to work on a small area at a time as when the wax starts to dry it becomes tacky and harder to work with. 

If you are working on a high traffic piece of furniture such as a kitchen table, it’s wise to apply a couple of layers of wax to provide extra protection. Allow your wax to fully dry before you start your second coat. This additional coat is really worth the time and effort. 


Drying time 

Wax can be touch dry in two to three hours, but can take up to seven to 30 days to be fully cured. During this time take care as it’s still easy to damage the finish.  


Coloured wax 

Coloured wax is all about adding style to your project. It’s great when accentuating a certain detail such as moulding or if you have used a wash technique it’s a good way of bringing out the grain and texture of the wood. 

Brown wax is great for vintage looks while black wax offers a more modern industrial feel. White wax is perfect if you are going for a Scandi effect or seaside washed look. 

Gilding wax is also available offering a metallic effect, perfect if you are looking to highlight a sconce or moulding on a more ornate project. 

Our advice would always be to use a layer of clear wax first before your chosen coloured wax. This makes it easier to manoeuvre the coloured wax around the surface and remove any excess if you accidentally apply too much. 


Make it shine 

Once your wax is applied you can consider your project complete. However, if you like a high sheen on your furniture there is one more stage to go. Having left your wax to dry for an hour or so, it’s time to buff! Using a lint free cloth, use circular movements to bring out the shine. 


As Annie Sloan stockists, we offer a range of workshops to help you get the very best from your Chalk Paint™.   

The sessions will help you develop your personal style, choose colours with confidence and express your creativity. Courses are offered for both beginners and those looking to develop their skills further. Find out more about our upcoming workshops here [Workshops | Creative and craft courses - Little Gems Interiors]