Glass Bead Gel - Redesign Prima

Glass Bead Gel - Redesign Prima

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Discover Glass Bead Gel from Redesign Prima

Redesign Prima Glass Bead Gel is versatile gel with suspended glass beads that is great for adding a texture element to all of your decor projects!

Apply it with stencils, palette knives, Stick & Style® Stencil Rolls and more!

Gel can be combined with other mediums to tint the gel for a myriad of effects.

Instructions to apply: 

For best results apply with a palette knife or spatula. Place your stencil and spread glass bead gel across (a thicker application, 3D stencil will result in a more raised pattern).

You can also use the gel to create texture on a piece in a freestyle approach.

To tint the paste, add a small quantity of paint and mix well before use.


Wash tools immediately to prevent the medium from drying on them.